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CD Release – Hustlin’ For A Gig


Released: 05/25/2012

Hustlin' For A Gig

  1. He Was The Cat04:01
  2. Hustlin' For A Gig05:25
  3. Gone Gone Gone05:00
  4. I'll Remember Why04:30
  5. Caught You Spreadin' Your Love All Over The Place03:00
  6. This Is The Life02:40
  7. A Million Miles04:57
  8. Java Junkie03:42
  9. Now I Have This06:43
  10. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet04:16

The Story

For the first album performed by the new vocal lineup, Andre Enceneat (bass) and Holly Shockey (Soprano), Ginny Carr penned 9 of the 10 tracks and brought in saxophonist Chris Vadala to lead a small horn section.  This was the UVJQ’s first session at Bias Studios in Springfield, Virginia, where they were honored to work with one of the Washington, DC-area’s most esteemed and accomplished recording engineers, Bob Dawson.

The album scored high on the Amazon sales charts and resulted in several selections being featured in rotation on the SiriusXM “Real Jazz” channel.


“In a perfect pop world, or one even remotely like it, the Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet would never suffer the indignities referenced on its new album, “Hustlin’ for a Gig.” Clubs would clamor to book groups half as talented without hesitation and the airwaves would resonate with rich, ingeniously arranged harmonies.”

Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

Behind The Scenes



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